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Stress At Work

There is almost no occupation that is not stressful and a person who has never experienced stress at work.
Not everyone copes with stress in the same way. Some people are more resilient than others.
Of course, stress is also affected by the job you do, some jobs are more stressful by nature than others.
It is happiness to do a job that is in line with our abilities and potentials, which does not provoke frequent defensive and stressful reactions in us.

Stress is detrimental to a person’s health, psyche, and then productivity at work.
To get rid of stress, we must first understand the reasons that cause stress, and then find solutions to them.

Causes of stress at work

The most common causes of stress in the workplace come from the job role that the employee has.
Although this does not seem the case to other employees and superiors, a worker who has an unclear job role, whose scope of activities and domains of work is not clearly defined or who did not understand them himself, can be under great chronic stress.
Contributing to this is the performance of tasks that are in conflict with each other, which creates an internal tension that the employee cannot cope with. Apart from internal conflicts, the source of stress is also mutual conflicts.
Interpersonal relationships are another major source of stressful situations and a bad climate in an organization.
The third cause is chronic fatigue that occurs due to insufficient rest from work. Indeed, there are many causes of stress, but we were based on three basic ones.

impact of stress/ stress at work

What can we do?

There are several lines of defence by which we can confront potential stressful events and strengthen our individual strengths in that struggle. The first thing we can do is to be less exposed to potentially stressful situations.
It is necessary to recognize exactly those triggers that lead us to “shooting” and cause a violent reaction in us.

Stress at work / impact of stress

Motivate yourself! Motivation is extremely important because it increases productivity.
Productivity results in better performance. And better performance brings good results.
Very simple advice that will very effectively contribute to reducing stress.
Reward yourself for a job well done and stress overcome. Encourage yourself in a variety of ways.
Help yourself in dealing with stress at work. Because a man’s working life is quite long, more than half of his life.
Therefore, it is very important to know how to deal with stress.

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