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Everything You Need to Know About Productivity


What does it mean?

Being productive can mean different things, depending on the context and your personal views. It can mean being productive in the workplace, being productive in your personal life, or being productive in a creative hobby. Productivity is important in everything because it depends on the effect of our business and our activity.

What determines our productivity?

It is necessary to first determine where our time is “leaking”, and then it is necessary to change the routine. The right organization of time and activity is a prerequisite for the desired productivity. Concentration is a very important condition for productivity because then our attention will be focused on the work we do. And that means better engagement and better results.


How we can improve productivity?

After properly scheduling our time, focusing our focus on the action we are doing, it is important to take the following steps. The first thing we need to pay special attention to is to remove anything that will distract us. If something deters our attention, we lose concentration and reduce our work productivity.

social networks

Social networks

Social networks are one of the biggest problems when it comes to productivity. They most often take our attention, our time and our concentration. It happens very often that we do a certain job, then check social networks and stay on them more than planned, and when we get back to work, we do not know where we left off. That way, our productivity drops dramatically. It is very difficult to return to a state of concentration and productivity and continue the way we did before visiting social networks. Therefore, if you are doing something and want to be productive, do not use social networks.


Things that distract our attention

We can be distracted by various things. If our TV or radio is on while we work, very often what we see on TV or hear on the radio can distract our attention. Therefore, it is important that we disconnect all devices and thus increase our productivity.

Productivity in nature

Nature and the people around us

Nature is very tempting to dwell in it, even when we work. But nature often distracts our attention, because of its beauty, the animals that are inside it, or the people around us. People with their stories or actions can interfere with our attention and thus reduce productivity. It is therefore important to have a good working environment and people who will not interfere with our work. Therefore, a good collective is the basis for good productivity.

sleep to improve your productivity

Quality rest and sleep

Rest and sleep are one of the most important segments of human productivity. Our bodies and our minds need to be rested to be ready for new challenges.

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