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Our Vision:

We want to make you a better you. We are committed to teaching individuals how to become more successful and live a more effective and productive life.

Our programs are designed for entrepreneurs, professionals, business people, and individuals in general that are looking to maximize their quality of life while increasing success and productivity.

We ultimately want to improve the world. We believe that, by helping individuals grow in a positive way, we not only improve their lives, but also the lives of their families and immediate communities. Positive effects trickle over when successful individuals make significant contributions to their communities and the world. These effects can have a lasting positive impact.

Our Philosophy:

Our focus is simple. We strive to give you more in value than we receive in return.

Our training is our way to give back to the world by making our courses available to as many individuals as possible.

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Antonio R. Marquez, M.S.

Personal Development Mentor

Antonio Marquez runs an independent consulting firm that focuses on helping companies and individuals succeed in life. His passion is helping people reach their goals and break through their limitations. Antonio does not teach from theory as most consultants do, but rather from experience. For the last 15 years he has run a multi-million dollar medical practice all while being engaged in multiple business ventures, with a full social schedule and a fulfilling family life. He not only teaches productivity and success he lives it.

“You Don’t Have To Be Great To Start, But You Have To Start To Be Great.”


My Life Journey


My name is Antonio Marquez, and I am the CEO of Ultimate Success Factor. My passion is helping people reach their goals and helping people succeed beyond their limitations. I am not like the typical consultants that are book smart. I actually practice what I preach. I teach from my personal experience. For the last 15 years I have run a multi-million dollar medical practice all while being engaged in multiple business ventures, with a full social schedule and a fulfilling family life. I also live a spiritually fulfilled life, read 80-100 books per year, and 1000’s of articles in professional journals. I not only teach productivity, I live it.

It seems like a lot handle, and for most people it is quite overwhelming. Many of my friends wonder how I do it all. To them, productivity, seems like a ninja or Jedy mind trick, but it’s not. It is the result of applying systems, routines, hacks that I discovered in order to get things done faster and more efficiently.

This was not case for me before. In fact, it was quite the opposite. In high school I struggled just to be average. During my junior year my counselor told me that that I was in the bottom half of the class and that with my grades I would not do well in college. I was crushed, but I resolved to work hard and study, study, study.  And guess what…it did not work for me. It was impossible to catch up to the rest of the class that had been paying attention and getting good grades from their freshman year. I realized that if I wanted to catch up I would have to take some shortcuts, and I did. I used systems, hacks, and shortcuts to study effectively and efficiently. Using these strategies I was able to graduate at the top 15% of my class in less than one year. My graduating class was over 1200 students.

Since these strategies worked well for me in high school, I decided to also try them in college and university. During college I had a full class schedule, worked as a waiter, had a full social calendar, and started a technical career on the side. At one point I was full time in school, doing an internship as surgical tech in a hospital (12-hour shifts), held two part-time jobs, while getting married. I got my Bachelor’s degree in biology and master in health administration, all while working, having multiple businesses and a family.

Your life does not have to be that complex. Looking back I could have done many things differently. I could have avoided many mistakes. Ultimate Success Factor is the resource I wish I had at the beginning of my career. The success principles and strategies can be applied to every aspect of your life including: business, work, school, and your family life. It is for entrepreneurs, business people, students, managers, and everyone that wants to succeed. Good luck on your journey!

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