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Fear of Failure

Every man has experienced the fear of failure at least once in his life.
In fact, we go through it almost every day. And that is completely natural.
Don’t worry about it. It is an integral part of human life.
Throughout all phases of our lives, we live with the fear of failure.
From our school days, through college, to our business and marriage plans.

Fear of Failure

You have to deal with the fear of failure

But what when the fear of failure prevails and becomes so strong that it begins to hinder you in achieving your ideas and goals?
When we talk about failure, it depends on our value systems, experiences and attitudes.
What one considers a defeat can be a great adventure for another.
Fear of failure is mostly associated with rejection, lack of self-confidence, lack of courage, and often perfectionism.

Striving for idealism, people often give up trying to achieve anything at all.
This may be due to doubts about our abilities, high expectations, etc.
Sometimes we focus so much on avoiding failure that that fear becomes stronger than the aspiration to achieve success.
Then we are in great trouble. We find ourselves in the shackles of vast fear, between what we are and what we would like to be.
That gap is what keeps us from moving on and moving forward. We flee to some zone of comfort and comfort, but only apparent.
Because we know we are afraid. We know that we are not moving forward because we are afraid of complete defeat, collapse.

Fear of Failure

Fear of defeat

If the fear of defeat scares you so much, ask yourself a few things.
What will happen if everything does not turn out as you imagined, that is, if you experience defeat?
Will you retire, believing that you are not up to the challenge?
And then ask yourself this. Will you view that failure as one great experience and lesson?
Will the knowledge and experience that you have gained from failure make you better?
Then, ask yourself will it guide you and help you move towards your goal in a better and different way next time?

success failure

You see, first is the disease. The second is medicine.
The first is pessimism, the second is optimism. The first is defeat, the second is victory.
Despite the failure, it is a victory. Victory over oneself, over one’s ego and dealing with fear.

It’s up to us, it’s not up to fear.

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