Motivation Made Easy – Lesson 6

Lesson 6

Surround Yourself With Successful People

In the last chapter, you learned that aligning your values with your work is key to remaining motivated and doing your best work for the company you work for or for the business that you run. You won’t be as eager and motivated to work for a company or a business whose values don’t align with your own. To increase your motivation and the chances of reaching your goals, it also helps to surround yourself with successful people.

When we are surrounded by successful people, their positive “can-do” attitude, inspiration, and habits can rub off on us and improve our ability to perform the tasks we need to complete in order to achieve our goals. Additionally, their positive attitude will enable us to remain motivated and focused on the task at hand and complete it to the best of our ability.

When we are surrounded by negative people and people who are no more experienced than we are, it’s hard to remain motivated and positive. We start to question our own abilities and our desire to even continue working at a high level because of all of the negativity and the fact that these people are similar to us in terms of skill level, experience, etc. We may question whether this is all there is to life and if we can’t do any better.

This is why it is vital to surround yourself with successful people, whether you work for a company or run your own business. As mentioned earlier, it’s hard for us to keep our motivation level high at all times; it will wane and fall from time to time, especially when we face unexpected challenges or we don’t attain as much success as quickly as we expected. Being around positive, successful people can help us to increase our motivation and strive harder to achieve our goals. In addition, successful people can give us advice and information to help improve our skills and our outlook, giving us a greater chance to succeed at reaching our goals.

In this chapter, you have learned how surrounding yourself with successful people is critical to remaining motivated and striving hard to achieve our goals. Being around negative people with no more success than you can lead to a drop in motivation because you’ll question if you really want to work hard in such an environment, questioning whether there is anything more to life than this. Being around positive, successful people can aid you in keeping your motivation up, striving harder to achieve your goals, and improving your skills and outlook so that you can achieve more of your goals. In the next chapter, you’ll learn how finding a mentor can help to keep you motivated.

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