Motivation Made Easy – Intro


Motivation is usually defined as the force that compels us to action. This is what causes us to work hard and gives us the impetus we need to succeed at whatever we choose to do. Motivation is also the driving force behind our behaviors and our ability to accomplish the goals we want to achieve.

Everyone needs motivation in order to gain that drive or will to succeed, to do the great things or goals we want to achieve in our lives. It’s similar to an automobile needing fuel to get where it needs to go; without that motivation to drive us, we will have a very difficult time getting to where we need and want to go, much like an automobile without fuel.

The key challenge for many of us is, how do we get and maintain the motivation we need to succeed? Virtually everyone deals with periods of lower motivation, often due to unexpected challenges or difficulties that arise. It can be the slow lack of progress toward our goals that wear down our motivation to succeed. The challenge for us is keeping that motivation level high so that we can achieve the goals and success that we want to achieve.

Motivation is not the same for everyone. Some people will be driven by a love of family, others will be driven by their own careers, yet others will be driven by circumstances outside of themselves, such as the environment. What drives one person may not drive someone else, but everyone is driven by something, someone, some factor. The key is learning what makes us “tick,” what causes us to raise our level of performance, our awareness, and our effort to achieve our goals and attain success in our lives.

In this book, you will learn the different types of motivation and learn how to set goals that will interest and motivate you. You will learn how to find inspiration in the environment and circumstances that surround you. You will learn how to  establish a successful mindset so that you can achieve the goals you want to achieve.

You will learn how aligning your values with your work will give you increased motivation to strive harder and do your best to reach your goals. You will learn how surrounding yourself with successful work can aid your motivation and make you strive that much harder for your goals. Finally, you will learn how finding a mentor can help to keep you motivated so that you have a greater chance of achieving your goals.

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