Motivation Made Easy – Lesson 4

Lesson 4

Establish A Successful Mindset

In the last chapter, you learned how to find inspiration in the environment that surrounds you. This can include people, objects, or a combination to help you overcome those periods where your motivation is lower due to unexpected challenges that arise while you attempt to achieve your goals or because of slower progress in reaching those goals. In this chapter, you will learn how to establish a successful mindset so that you can remain motivated and achieve those goals.

It’s virtually impossible for anyone to do their best work and achieve the goals they want when they have a negative outlook. If they are always down on themselves and their ability to perform the tasks they need to complete in order to reach their goals, chances are high that they will be less successful as achieving their goals than someone who has a positive outlook and is confident in their ability to perform the tasks they need to complete in order to achieve their goals. Therefore, it is vital you have a positive, successful mindset in order to give you the best chance to achieve the goals you wish to accomplish.

There are several ways to establish a positive, successful mindset to help you to achieve your goals. Look back upon your life and think about your recent successes. Have you been recently promoted or has your business reached a new height and level of success? Have you helped someone else to reach a new level of success in his/her life? Have you helped someone who was in trouble, rescued an animal, or adopted a pet? Have you launched a successful product recently? Have you put a smile on someone’s face who has been dealing with adversity, depression, or the recent loss of a loved one?

All of these successes can help to inspire you and give you a positive, successful mindset. They can show you that you have what it takes to reach and achieve your goals. You are smart enough, determined enough, and skilled  enough to achieve the goals you want to achieve, despite the challenges or roadblocks that stand in your way.

If you can’t inspire yourself enough to attain a positive, successful mindset, talk to family and/or friends to help gain encouragement about your abilities and having what it takes to succeed and reach your goals. If you need more inspiration, consider talking to a psychologist about any doubts or inhibitions you may have when it comes to your ability of completing tasks, getting things done, and doing tasks at a high level. You can also read and/or listen to inspirational CDs, DVDs, and/or music to help put you in a better frame of mind about your own abilities and your overall ability to reach your goals.

Additionally, it helps for you to unwind and relax after strenuous days at work or in your business. If you’ve had a particularly challenging day where things didn’t go as planned, take some time off, listen to some relaxing and/or inspirational music, and/or do a favorite activity you enjoy. Take some time away from work, let your mind clear, and come back refreshed and ready to take on the challenges that stand between you and your goals.

In this chapter, you’ve learned that having a positive, successful mindset is key to helping you attain your goals. Those who have a positive, successful mindset will be more inspired and motivated to strive for and reach their goals than those who have a negative, disdainful mindset. Recall your past successes and know that you have the ability to succeed and achieve your goals. Talk to family, friends, and/or a psychologist if you need additional motivation in your ability to achieve your goals. Also, listen to inspirational music and/or CDs/DVDs, especially if you’ve had a challenging day at work or in your business to help you unwind, relax, and refreshed to come back and take on the challenges that stand between you and your goals.

In the next chapter, you’ll learn how to align your values with your work so that you can have a greater chance of achieving your goals.

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