Motivation Made Easy – Lesson 5

Lesson 5

Align Your Values With Your Work

In the last chapter, you learned the importance of developing a positive, successful mindset in order to achieve your goals. In this chapter, you will learn how and why aligning your values with your work will help you to stay motivated and achieve more of your goals.

As mentioned earlier, we are all motivated by different factors; different factors will motivate different people. Some are motivated by incentive and/or fear, some by achievement and/or growth, some by power and/or social factors. We need to know what motivates us to strive harder for our goals and achieve them.

We also need to know what we truly value so that we can be driven by it. For instance, if we care deeply about the environment, but work for a company that is interested in earning profits at the expense of the environment, our motivation to work hard and achieve promotions and incentives will be lower. The reason why is because, our internal values and the motivation that drives us to work harder to achieve our goals is negatively impacted by the fact that the company’s values don’t align with ours.

As a result, our hard work leads to actions that run contrary to our own values. Therefore, we have an innate tendency to not work as hard or not do as much for the company because of their contrarian values to ours. To work hard for achievement, incentive, and even out of fear would cause us to not be true to ourselves, which hurts our motivation.

As a result, you need to align your values with your work, and your work with your values. If the company you work for or the business you are in runs contrary to the values you hold most dear, then your motivation will suffer, and you will not achieve as many goals as you would if you worked for a company or ran a business that appreciated the same values you do.

When you work for a company or run a business that appreciates the same values that you do, you feel more inspired and motivated to do more for that company or business, to strive more for them to succeed. This leads to you wanting to achieve more and grow more, as you are being true to yourself and advancing the causes and values you believe in. You’re also trying to impact the world in a positive way (i.e. power and social factors) by striving to do more for the company and business because their values align with yours.

In addition, when you work for a company or run a business whose values align with yours, it’s likely you will meet people who have similar values. This can magnify your power and influence to affect your power in a way that brings your values and ideals to the world at large more easily.

In this chapter, you’ve learned that aligning your values with your work and vice- versa can help to inspire and motivate you to strive harder and do more to achieve your goals. If you work for a company or run a business that runs contrary to your values, you will not be as motivated or inspired to work harder for them because you will be doing actions that are detrimental to your values and will lead to you not being true to yourself. This is why you must align your values with your work. In the next chapter, you will learn how surrounding yourself with successful people can increase your motivation and boost your success and reaching your goals.

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