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How to Make the Dreaded “To-Do” List Do Your Bidding

Sometimes we just stare at it hoping that it would get smaller or go away. Yes, it’s the dreaded to-do list! It’s a slap in the face for some, for others it’s just a reminder of how poor they are at planning. Planning can be a challenge for everybody. But especially those who are not born with an appreciation for organization and structure. If you find that you struggle with discipline and order. Utilizing a to-do list may be exactly what you need to get organized and get your life on track.

So how does one begin utilizing a to-do list to help them to get on track and stay motivated to succeed? Surely it isn’t as simple as creating a checklist that you can reference. What actually works about creating this type of discipline for yourself? The truth is that if you are not motivated enough, nothing is going to work for you. You have to take the necessary steps to overcome your hesitations. And do whatever needs to be done in order to ensure that you are staying on task. A to-do list is a great starting point, but it isn’t going to be the only thing that you do to be successful.

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A vision of your plan

To make the dreaded to-do list work in your favour. First, you need to have detailed vision of your plan already laid out. Visualization techniques can help you to do this. If you know your ultimate goal, then planning out all of the steps that you need to take will be that much easier. Take a few minutes to write down your goals and work your way backwards and write each step along the way to your starting point. The starting point is you, today, now!

Keep it simple, make sure that you have a list full of goals that are not overwhelming. Make it simple and include things that you can work on a daily and weekly basis. Make sure that you are not creating your to-do list on the day that you want the items done. You need a chance to process the task at hand so that you can prepare yourself mentally for getting things done. Try preparing your list for the week or for a few days ahead.

The thing that you should be working on first

Instead of saving the hardest item on your list for last. That is the thing that you should be working on first. Prioritize your list so that you are actually knocking things out in the order of hardest to easiest so that you only become more motivated to finish from there. If you leave the worst for last, then you are going to find yourself agonizing over what you have left to do rather than being in a relaxed and less stressed out mindset. That will ultimately contribute to your achievement. As, success coach, Brian Tracy says, “if you are going to eat a frog, do it in the morning. Otherwise, you will be thinking about it all day.” In other words, get the hard stuff done first. Prioritize things that have the greatest payoff towards your goals. These will usually be the hardest, but the most rewarding.

Every day you should be working toward your major goal and having a to-do list to reference will ultimately provide you with the foundation and guidance you need to achieve your dreams.

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