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12 Ways to Love Your Life, And Also Your Job

Love Your Life! And what can you do to make your everyday life more beautiful? Don’t make sure you’re a victim. You are responsible for your own life and what it will look like. Of course, there are some aggravating factors that you can’t influence, but despite those factors, your job can be a nice place if you do something about it yourself.

Motivate yourself

On the way to work, think about all the benefits that this job gives you, without the main factor being the salary. If you think about the benefits that your job brings you it will make your work day more enjoyable and productive.

Don’t take things out of context

Observe the whole picture. Take a break from yourself and your work routine. What exactly does this job leave you enough time for? Consider some other activity through which you can contribute to society.

You are more than your job

Don’t equate your personality too much with work. Don’t be what friends, parents, professors expect of you but find a way a job can help you be ‘what you yourself want to be’. Love your life and yourself, and you will love your job too.

Andrea Marcolongo

Plan your time

Make a to-do list. Include long-term projects as well as things you need to do urgently. Of course, what is urgent will be a priority.

Concentrate on the tasks at hand

Don’t be distracted by things you can’t influence and don’t waste energy on what you’d like and realistically can’t accomplish. At the same time, be strict with yourself – do everything you have to do in the morning. As much work as you can prepare in advance, do it. Accumulated work is a source of stress.

Determine exactly what is expected of you

Every time you get a task that is not completely clear or confusing to you, react immediately: ask questions, ask for additional clarification

Forward what you can

Is there something you can pass on to others, in whose field of work that task belongs? You can’t be an expert on everything.

Take a break

If you spend your days at the computer you sometimes need to take a break, at least for five minutes. The same is true if you mostly remember at work – you have to ‘take a step’ from time to time. Try to dine in peace and eat healthy.

Learn to relax

No matter how dynamic your job is when it all adds up and subtracts – it’s just a job, and a job isn’t the only thing that exists. Don’t belittle business challenges, but don’t take them to heart either. Think back to your previous jobs and the problems you encountered. From today’s perspective, were these really ‘problems’? It is natural that some objective difficulties upset you, but do not attach so much importance to everything. Relax.

Make your workplace more comfortable

Contribute to a quality work atmosphere. Do not gossip in the office because it negatively affects other people who are not the subject of gossip. Don’t listen to other people’s gossip. Reduce socializing with people whose character negatively affects you or makes you nervous. Be a creator of a good work atmosphere sometimes. Encourage your colleagues because they will reciprocate.


Add up your impressions at the end of business hours

What did they manage to do today? Did you do it well? What could you do tomorrow and do you have time to improve some things that have been bothering you or making your work harder for a long time? Treat yourself to a walk around the city, hanging out with a friend or a good movie. You deserve it.

Once working hours are over – switch off!

You spend a third of the day at work, so don’t think about it once your private time comes up. You can’t think about work all the time – it’s exhausting and extremely unproductive. Life should be beautiful, and if you need to spend a third of your time at work, then you might as well enjoy it. You’ll look for something better in the long run, but until that happens, try to enjoy what you have.

Loving your life and your job is not a hard thing to do, but you surely need to take care firstly of yourself, then others, and then your job. Just put the things in the right order! And remember, love your life!

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