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How To Be Creative?

Usually at some age, when we need it most, we ask ourselves; how to be creative? Creativity is something we get and develop through life. But sometimes that creativity disappears. And that creates difficulties for us both at work and in social life.

How to be creative

The importance of creativity

For every creativity, two conditions must be met. The first lies in each of us when we have to ask ourselves what, why and with what goal we are doing something. The other thing is to remove the ego from the path. We condemn our ideas that they are not good enough because we think we are not good and creative enough ourselves. We try to come up with an idea that others would neither think of nor understand. This is due to focusing on the wrong goal – we focus on feeling creative or others telling us we are very smart. Why? How do we benefit from that? Forget how creative, original and smart you are. Focus on what is important and what is clear to you and follow it.


The education system is very often disastrous for children and adolescents when it comes to creativity. Why? There is simply too little importance given to it. Very often things are done in a stereotyped way. And each person reacts differently to a certain topic or area. Someone is interested in one thing, and someone in something completely different. Therefore, everyone should be given the opportunity to develop creativity in the direction they love and want. He should not be “choked” with things that destroy his creativity.

how to be creative

Reading, travelling, hobbies

All of the above things greatly affect our creativity. Why? Reading and travelling broaden our horizons. In addition, they enrich our knowledge, experiences and feelings. Through that, we get to know about different cultures and gain new knowledge. With that comes creativity. A hobby helps to satisfy our feelings. Then we do what we love. We take a nap. We enjoy it. Develop imagination. It all goes in favour of creativity.


Games give us a sense of satisfaction. We rest with them. Of course, not all games are like that. But social ones, which require thinking and tactics, certainly affect creativity. It benefits us a lot because we get creativity through fun.

Training and rest

Through training, we maintain the activity of our body. And thus health. Through training, we promote the hormone of happiness, and in this way, we rest our brain. We are mentally relieved. And thus we have a better field for creativity.

After physical activity, our body needs rest. Relaxation, good and sound sleep. When we are rested, we think better. Rest means better creativity, greater desire to work.

Still, wondering how to be creative? Start with these things and think positively. Also, read the blog:

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