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The Importance Of Communication

Communication is an indispensable word and a factor without which life is impossible.
It is a word that is increasingly mentioned in the business literature, on the topic of which countless training is organized.
With this blog, we want to emphasize the importance of good communication in the business world.

All of us, or at least the vast majority of us who work in organizations. And communicate with others on a daily basis through work.
That communication means we convey tasks, give feedback, share ideas and opinions. Of course, we are not equally successful in this.
You must have collaborated at work or noticed a colleague who has a lot of knowledge. But others do not accept his ideas while the ideas of someone else who is not so professional “pass” much easier.
If you think a little about the key differences between them, you’ll most likely notice that there are differences in communication style.
Do you see the importance of communication? We will mention different types of communication today.

Nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication is a form of communication without words, whether intentionally or not. It emphasizes, supports, and complements verbal communication.
Nonverbal communication is stronger than verbal. Research has shown that spoken words have an impact of only 10% on the listener, 40% on the tone of voice, and 50% on facial expression and other elements of nonverbal communication.
Therefore, knowledge of nonverbal communication is very important. Reading facial expressions and body movements are essential especially in the business world.

The Importance Of Communication

Verbal communication

Information, message or news is an oral form of communication. This is the most common form of communication.
It also conveys attitudes and ideas through language as the most important means of communication.
Verbal ways of communication: face to face, telephone conversation, meeting, presentation. For verbal communication, eloquence is very important. It is acquired through years and effort and is extremely important in business.

The Importance Of Communication

Electronic communication

E-communication is a modern form of communication.
Electronic communication has replaced traditional communication by phone, mail, fax.
This type of communication has saved people a lot of time. It is extremely important in the business world.
Today is almost inconceivable without this type of communication.
It is improving and is one of the main bases of communication in business.

The Importance Of Communication

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