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Steps to Success: Build a Quality Person of People

Experienced people say that the success of any business is guaranteed if you have a well-developed network of associates, friends, acquaintances, partners who will help you with their knowledge, advice and personal acquaintances in creating a clear vision and strategy for future business.

Watch and relax

When you arrive at an event, find out who is present at it, and it could be interesting to you as an interlocutor and future client. Observe the situation, relax and start meeting a new person without expectations, cordially and spontaneously.

2. Prepare business cards on time

Did you happen to come to the event without a business card? Prepare on time, don’t wait until the last minute to create a business card with your data and company logo, also be happy to take business cards from others or phone numbers and contact them later on social networks and keep in touch.

3. Connect people

If you meet people who aren’t exactly ideal partners or potential clients at first, connect them with people you think might be collaborating. It will give you back in other ways. When you least expect it, by giving you opportunities to collaborate through acquaintances.

4. Be professional

Whether or not you are interested in what the other person is doing, take a few minutes to listen to him. And then move on with the appropriate words. Concentration on each conversation and showing interest is a sign of high professionalism.

5. Be measured

It is possible that at some event you will meet people who are big faces in the business world. Don’t jump on their necks, don’t put pressure on them and don’t try to interest them in your projects so that they ask for your contact. People in high positions will be happy to help. But if they work under pressure, they simply will not contact you.

6. Connect online

Today we have a LinkedIn network available where almost all managers and people from the business world are located, follow them and stay in touch.

7. Positive first of all

If you have had a bad day, week or month, events are not the time to share your negative experiences. Emphasize only the positive things you do among new people, spread positive vibrations and so you will stay in your memories longer.

8. Think of individual offers

You go to events often and once you start meeting people, start with offers created especially for them and the business they do. Think about what it is that could connect you and present it to them briefly.

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