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Motivation Monday – tips to get motivated when working from home

Working from home is usually much more challenging because you work in the same environment where you stay all the time. Sometimes teamwork is necessary for some people to function. Therefore, it is very important to motivate yourself if you work alone.

Mondays are usually the hardest for motivation, because the weekend lulls us all to sleep, right? It’s much harder to find motivation when you’re not leaving home, so in this article we want to bring you some ideas for motivation.

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Working from home

What makes Monday so different?

Most people hate Mondays very much and have a hard time enduring them. It is considered to be the worst and most difficult day of the week. The reason for this is the relaxing weekends, when you forget about work and everyone dedicates themselves to relaxation and socializing.

When Monday comes and the responsibilities arrive again, it is very difficult to get involved in the plan and program after the weekend. However, Monday doesn’t have to be so scary if you learn to put things in their place. That is, to organize yourself properly in order to conquer another week ahead of you.

Make a list of good things

Before Monday comes to get you, make a plan and list the things you can’t wait for in the coming week. That way you will be motivated to meet those days and you will be excited. This will also divert your attention from more depressing and difficult things, and will make it easier for you.

Do not work over the weekend

If you are able, try not to work on weekends and to recharge your batteries for the week ahead. If you don’t need it, don’t check e-mail’s, messages that are related to work and don’t answer calls for work that are not urgent or planned for you. Try to gather energy, will and new ideas during the weekend. And to devote yourself as much as possible to your social and private life.

Give yourself some attention and love

Due to a lot of work and obligations, many people forget to take care of themselves, and this is very wrong. In order to be able to live and function normally, you should also pay attention to your needs and goals. So, in addition to work, have goals on your personal, romantic, emotional and social level.

Treat yourself to your favorite facial treatment, your favorite chocolate bar, take a walk, laugh out loud, do a good workout and get a good night’s sleep. This will help you wake up on Monday.

Finish a few things but don’t rush to finish everything

Monday is usually the day that brings with it the most obligations. Also, most usually have the habit of completing as many tasks as possible at work from Monday to Wednesday, in order to relieve themselves in time for the weekend. And we think that is completely wrong.

You should go step by step. Complete the priorities obligation by obligation, without too much haste, which can only confuse you further.

Working from home

Have a quality rest

It is very important that you know and understand that you need to rest and slow down. Do not drink coffee at your desk. Do not eat at your desk. And as soon as you feel stiffness, take a walk, do some lighter stretching exercises. Stop for a few important minutes, take a breath, drink your coffee in peace, come back to reality. After a quality rest, no matter how short it is, you’ll feel more ready to finish the day.

Talk to friends who bring you happiness

If you have problems with motivation, a five-minute conversation with your favorite person will always help you. Ask your mother, father, spouse or friend how they are, how they spend their day, share with them some beautiful or funny moment and fill yourself with energy. This will always motivate you to work harder and better, and to continue the day with a smile!

Get your Monday ready on Sunday night

Preparations for Monday should be made from Sunday afternoon when you have finished socializing, going out and all other activities. Focus on devoting yourself especially to yourself during the Sunday afternoon, and to prepare well and in peace for the upcoming obligations.

This includes even a few hours of watching your favorite series, or simply peace, reading, silence and thinking about positive things. Do not stay up late at night on Sundays, because it will be very difficult for you to start the day sleepless and tired.

When you don’t get enough sleep, you will wake up tired and sleepy. That’s definitely not a good way to start a Monday. Additionally, try not to drink alcoholic or caffeinated beverages as you don’t want to disturb your sleep.

If you want to be productive and motivated on Mondays, a good night sleep is one of the keys to success.

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