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How To Help The Community

Is there a better mechanism for strengthening humanity and humanity in society than volunteerism? Volunteering requires good will and the search for meaning in community life. It is proof that true values ​​based on contacts, communication and rapprochement with people bring inner peace. Volunteering awakens all our potentials and resources based on experience and knowledge, helping them to further develop and improve. And discover new abilities that we have not yet realized, change our view of reality and talk about problems as challenges.

The United Nations has declared 2001 the International Year of Volunteers, with the desire to highlight and appreciate the contribution that volunteers make to their communities. But also to improve their position and work. Volunteers are not free labour.


The UN report on the state of volunteerism in the world (2018) states that globally the volunteer workforce corresponds to that of 109 million full-time equivalent workers. And that number exceeds many large global industries. Of the 109 million, 30% include volunteering that takes place formally through organizations, associations and groups. And 70% includes volunteering through informal engagement between individuals.

Therefore, volunteerism should be thought of as a significant resource that connects work. A positive attitude towards society and develops an awareness of the collective spirit. This text is a small reminder of the great role that volunteerism plays in preserving man as a social being.

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