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How To Deal With Fear?

Fear is one of man’s greatest emotions.
The feeling of fear accompanies us throughout our lives. How to deal with fear?
The answer to that question, we will try to give you in the blog.

how to deal with fear?

What is the fear?

Fear is an intense and unpleasant negative feeling that a person experiences when he sees or expects danger, be it real or unreal.
Fear arises while perceiving or expecting a real or imagined danger, or a serious threat.
It is an innate, genetically programmed response to a threatening or painful stimulus.
Fear is the primary emotion, as are happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, and disgust.

Can we overcome fear?

Fear is a part of us, a part of the one who is afraid.
He who is afraid is at the same time the subject and the object of fear.
So, the one who thinks that he can overcome fears does not actually admit fear, he does not admit that he/she is the one who is afraid.
This is about denying fear. He who does not acknowledge his fear seeks to suppress, suppress, or eliminate it in all possible ways.
The problem is that fear (like no other feeling) cannot be completely suppressed.
Usually, the opposite happens, the more it suppresses it, the more it comes back to you in one form or another.

We cannot kill fear, nor pull it out of ourselves. He is a part of us.
We can fight him, overcome him and learn to live normally with him.
Fear is the emotional state of man, as of every living being.
Fear is an emotion that drives us to be better if we treat it properly.
It is fear that makes us more cautious, makes us watch out for many things we would not otherwise watch out for.
So let’s look at fear as motivation.

how to deal with fear

Fear as our advantage

Having established that we cannot dismiss fear from ourselves, we now need to approach it. Fear can be an advantage.
The first thing we will do is accept fear. We say to ourselves, okay, I’m scared. So what?
Everyone is scared, that’s normal. After that, we look at how to put that fear into the position of a servant.
Okay, the fear is there, but he’s not the boss. It’s me. And I will put that fear at my service.
It will make me better by noticing things I wouldn’t otherwise.
Why? Because I’m scared, but I’m not giving up on what’s set.
If it’s a fight for life, I’ll survive. If it’s a fight for success, I’ll succeed. fight for health?! I’ll get better.
Is it a fight for love? Ok, I’ll love it. So, these are all some fears that scare us most.
But if we use that fear as motivation, we will only be more combative, more cautious, more committed, because we do not want to fail.
Nor do we want to be slaves to our own fear.

deal with fear

Thank you, fear

In the end, we will be grateful for the fear. Grateful that we got better and smarter with him.
And not only better, but also more committed to the life tasks that we feared.
We will use our intellectual and physical capacities to overcome all obstacles.
This is the way how to deal with fear.


Yes, I’m scared. Yes, that makes me better.

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