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How does pessimism affect us?

Nowadays, when most people worry about which filter to choose to make the image look better and more beautiful on social media, many often forget to ‘turn on’ the filter for optimism in the offline world. It is a common belief that optimists are always more successful than pessimists, but there is also one key question: how to change the way we look at the world? The answer lies in the words and attitudes you use every day. Don’t be pessimistic, it will be better, be optimistic. You often hear this, but you neither know how, nor do you understand why you should be an optimist and whether there is any benefit from it. What is certain is that it pays to be an optimist, because there is always time for pessimism. Optimism as a fundamental life attitude offers significant advantages over pessimism. If you want to know what kind and how to learn it, read the whole text and learn how does pessimism affect us.

Give pessimism a name

Invent two names, one that will represent your preferences for a discouraging outlook on life and one that will represent the more resourceful attitude you need to adopt. For example, Mr. Negative and Mr. Director. Use the villain when you feel that you are falling into a ‘bed’ and wonder how Mr. Director would react in this situation. This will slowly change only the devastating patterns you use in moments like these. If you are still not sure how to be more positive and optimistic, visit this page to be filled with positive energy and change your view of the world.

Half full or half empty glass?

Scientists have been researching the significance and truthfulness of optimism and pessimism for the past 30 years. “Is the glass half full or empty?” Research has revealed that the glass is both full and empty, but that you will be less thirsty in life if you take a “half full” attitude. Although pessimism is sometimes closer to the truth, a pessimistic attitude is useful if you intend to do something extremely risky or dangerous, because then you need to prepare for the worst possible consequence. In all other situations an optimistic outlook on life and opportunities offers much more. The style of thinking that is particularly conducive to depression is called “learned helplessness” and is typical of extreme pessimists.

A few tips

When something bad happens to you:

Tell yourself it won’t take long.

Find something that will not be affected by the event, something that is still good.

Don’t blame yourself.

Consider this event a challenge and an opportunity to learn something new.

Believe in yourself, relax, breathe deeply and feel the beauty of life. Not everything is so black. There are many wonderful colors in this world. And no matter the darker shades, serenity will always find its way to your heart.

Life is so much easier and more enjoyable if you’re an optimist. Chech HERE for some great advices.

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