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Ask The Right Questions to Unblock Yourself and Allow Success to Roll In

Want to succeed?  Perhaps the most important thing to do is to really know yourself inside and out. Knowing your weaknesses, strengths, fears, and goals can help speed you on your way to success. In order to do so, there are some important key questions that you should ask yourself. The answers may surprise you and they will help you to pave the way to your success!

  1. What am I passionate about?

If you don’t know what you are passionate about, then you need to stop right now and figure that out. If you spend your life working toward something that doesn’t spark your passion, then you are going to have a hard time motivating yourself to succeed.  Jot down five things you are passionate about right now. Do it fast and don’t censor yourself.

  1. Where am I right now?

Be honest with yourself when answering this question. Evaluate where you are in life and how close you feel to achieving your goal. Don’t use it as a way to get down on yourself. Simply figure out where you are and how far you have to go before you are where you want to be. Consider the resources you have and what you need to acquire to reach your goals.

  1. Where do I begin?

It’s hard to get started without knowing where you’re going to begin. To establish the point where you are starting, take the knowledge you’ve learned from asking yourself the first two questions and consider the most logical point to begin. Evaluate your goals and dissect them from the top to the bottom, until you find yourself able to answer this question.  Narrow it down to the first actionable step that you can take and resolve to do it now. Not after lunch, not after a nap, not tomorrow. Do it now.

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  1. What is my end game?

If you don’t know where you want to end up, you might never figure out where to start. Think carefully about where you want to end up and what your end game looks like. Use visualization techniques to help you pave the way to success. Write your end game down and review it every day at least two times.

  1. What can’t I do by myself?

Every goal starts out huge, and there are ways that other people can help us to get where we want to be. Whether it’s through offering resources or simply being there to provide moral support and accountability, there are ways others can help you and you should think about how.

  1. Why did I choose this goal?

Every goal is unique and specific to you.  What are your personal motivations behind choosing this goal? What do you specifically hope to achieve by following this goal through to its fruition? Do you want to make the world a better place? Improve the lives of the elderly or disabled? Pinpointing this will help you to shape your mission statement and stay motivated! When you figure out the “why” the “how” becomes easier.

  1. What are my obstacles?

Knowing your obstacles before you even begin is a great way to face your fears and consider ways to overcome the challenges that might get in the way of your success. Addressing these early on ensure that you have a plan to fall back on when the time comes, ensuring that you are able to overcome them and succeed!

Asking yourself the right questions can help clarify your goals, diminish fears, and help get you on the right track to success. When I lack the confidence to start on a new goal, I often ask myself “what is the worst that can happen?” The answer is never as bad as I made it in my mind, and I get over it quickly. This is usually enough to get me going and blast through any fear of failure. So what’s holding you back?

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