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3 Ways To Be A Super Productive Entrepreneur

Productivity, productivity, productivity, it’s every entrepreneur’s mantra, and it should be. After all, more productivity leads to more profitability and a better reputation- this is virtually true in all types of businesses, both online and off.  The productivity mantra is especially true when it comes to entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to those who have online and/or home-based businesses.  Oftentimes, motivation is a factor for these entrepreneurs. They have to motivate themselves to be productive, as there is no boss to tell them to pick up the pace and productivity, as the entrepreneur IS the boss.  We want you to learn three ways self-motivate and become a more productive entrepreneur. Read below.

Productivity - Productive Entrepreneur

Block Distractions

Perhaps one of the most overlooked ways of increasing productivity – Eliminate or reduce distractions.  This is especially true when it comes to email, social media, and smartphones.  As online entrepreneurs, we know we have to monitor email and social media for any customers who contact us.  However, there is a time and place to do that, and it’s NOT when we are working on important tasks.  Designate a few time periods when you will check email and social media, and stick to those time periods as much as possible.  In addition, if you are easily distracted by your smartphone, put it in another room and out of reach; this way, you can remain productive with your work.

Get Away

It sounds counterintuitive, but in order to become a more productive entrepreneur is to get away, disconnect, and get more rest.  Too often, many entrepreneurs will subtract hours of sleep to ensure a product launch or other project launches on time.  While you certainly want to remain punctual and true to your word, subtracting hours of sleep will detract from your focus and your ability to make smart, rational decisions regarding your business.  Additionally, any other projects you are working on will likely take longer because of your lack of focus- you will have to double-check your work constantly to ensure you don’t make mistakes in it because you’ll have trouble focusing due to lack of sleep.

Break Things up – take breaks

This is one of the most important productivity hacks that will help you break through your productivity barriers. Taking regular breaks is crucial to creativity, productivity, and sanity.  This may seem counter-intuitive at first, but most experts suggest taking 15-minute breaks every hour; thus, you should work 45 minutes, rest for 15 minutes.  Especially when it comes to online entrepreneurs, they are often in front of a computer screen or mobile device.  Over time, their attention span is going to wane and their focus is going to drop.  As a result, their work quality will drop, and it will take longer to complete the tasks they need.  Therefore, in order to keep the work quality high and achieve maximum productivity, take regular breaks (i.e. 15 minutes every hour). This works well for studying and learning new information.

Try these three productivity hacks to help you become a super entrepreneur. If you have other hacks to share, we would love to hear from you!

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