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10 Psychological Tricks On How To See Through Everyone

How much would you like to have the power to read other people and thus be able to recognize the sincere from the insincere, how much would that help you in life? We bring you a few psychological tricks with which you will be able to read most people.

Create the illusion of choice

If you need someone to do something for you, ask them to fulfil some more difficult task before you say the request you actually have. After discarding bigger things, people tend to accept a request that seems easy. It also works when you are trying to convince someone. Give them two options at once: what you want and another task that is harder to accomplish. What you will achieve with this is that your actual request looks simpler next to the other.

Turn discussion into an advantage

When people tell you things you don’t agree with, don’t complain to them too harshly. First, accept what they say with words like “I see what you mean” and continue with your own opinion asking “but have you ever thought about this part of it?” This approach will help you achieve your point of view without being interrupted or opposed.

Mom knows best

You can attract attention to your words by telling people that your father or mother taught you that. People conform to tradition and will respect people who sympathize with their own parents. Most people wholeheartedly believe in their parents ’words, and when someone mentions something that comes from someone else’s parents, it will create the same effect as if their own family had said it.

Borrow something

You may notice that someone doesn’t love you as much as you want. Ask them for something small to borrow, maybe a book that interests you. This will first create a reluctant bond between the two of you but will result in a change of mind once you return the item.

Silence requires positive engagement

During an awkward silence with the person, you want to hang out with, ask them something about them. Even the quietest person enjoys talking about themselves. They will ask you something back, and you will turn the silence into a fluid conversation.

Self-confidence attracts

After you finish the conversation during the negotiation, just look people in the eye and wait in silence. Your determined appearance will positively affect the perception of what you just said. If you lose eye contact after these intense moments, you will notice a loss of interest after a short time.

Learn to feel important

Using the right words can bring great benefits when you need help. People will often help you if you present your request as a fulfilment of service. You will tickle their ego and they will feel like they are fulfilling your desire. Try using simple phrases like “Please do me a favour” or “I really need your help.”

Watch them

When you’re new to a group, joke or tell a funny story to see people’s reactions. People who are closer will look you in the eye while laughing and this will help you understand the connections and establish connections between friends.


Repetition is one of the best ways to create a concrete idea in other people. If you want to impose your opinion on someone else, just repeat it in different contexts or simply say the same thing in conversation with different expressions. After hearing the same thing several times, people will perceive the idea as their own, because their brains will mark the idea as familiar.

Show trust to build trust

When trying to build trust in a social environment, admit your small mistakes to others. People will see your vulnerable side and will accept you as an honest person. This will give you an advantage even during an argument

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