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Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work When You’re Struggling Mentally

The saying that our elders often tell us, which is: “Starting is the hardest thing”, is really true. When you feel mentally ill, it is very difficult to focus on work and responsibilities. And it is very difficult to think positively and have motivation.

Of course, there are many ways in which you can boost your mood and manage to finish your obligations and all your chores on time.

In the following lines of this text, we bring you several ideas.

Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work

Plan your whole day

When you have many obligations and obligations are pressing you from all sides, you must have a designed structure of the day that will facilitate your plans and functioning. In order to better manage your day, and to meet deadlines better, put all your obligations on paper.

Then determine the time when you want to do them, and the way you want to do them. Structure your day the way you want and designate certain hours of the day for certain tasks. If you have a hard time writing a planner in your diary, try to find a suitable application on your phone that will make it easier for you.

Break everything down into small steps

When creating a planner, focus on not setting yourself large tasks that will burden you further. You know that motivational trigger when you cross something off your to-do list?

This effect won’t last long, but it’s enough of a boost to survive when you’re unmotivated. When you have small tasks, you will do them easier, faster and more beautifully. And you will have more will to do them.

Make lists – and stick to them

The very thing of writing down is a very big step when planning obligations. Try to start the day with the tasks you enjoy the most. In order to stay motivated until the end of the working day, try to brighten up those tasks that you don’t really like very much.

Make the most of your time at work to make yourself feel useful. And to make you feel successful and smart.

Be proud of yourself and your efforts.

Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work

Create a motivating to-do list

If you feel anxious and would like to improve your mood at work and outside, try making your own motivational list. So, try your favorite lyrics, favorite motivational quotes.

Find your favorite motivational speaker to listen to before work or on a break. Or maybe even before bed?

Put on your favorite clothes

Did you know that what you wear can make or break your day? Yes, that’s right, it really can. If you go to work in uncomfortable clothes in which you do not feel confident, it is normal that the rest of your day will pass in that direction.

However, if you wear something to work that will give you strength and motivation, and that will give you significance, your day and responsibilities will move in that direction.

How do you know if you need a mental day off at work?

Never, ever forget that mental health is just as important as physical health. The stress you experience at work, as well as the stress you experience at home, will inevitably affect your body. But also on the state of your thinking, on your psyche and concentration.

Therefore, it is very important to know when to take a break. Although stress at work can be a big problem, it should not affect the balance of life outside of work and the workplace. Don’t let stress at work drain your energy in private with family and friends.

You should never allow yourself to fall asleep and wake up feeling anxious and sad.

Check your own mental and physical condition regularly

Do you feel too tired physically? Is your body sleepy but you have too many obligations to get to? Do you eat regular meals on time and do you take enough water into your body?

Conditions like these can lead to a drop in motivation, as well as a drop in physical and mental condition.

In order to have the will and strength to perform all your duties on time, you must take care of your health. When we say take care of your health, we mean your physical and mental state of mind. You should definitely not leave one of those two behind.

You need to eat on time, have snacks, enjoy your break time and have time during the day for yourself and your personal pleasures.

Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work

Watch what you eat (and drink)

Although it seems that you don’t have time for a meal, you are wrong. You have, but you would like to spend that time doing your work duties, and to finish them as soon as possible. In this way, you put the health of your body into question, and thus you can get sick.

By neglecting regular meals and water intake, you will also neglect your mental state and have a bad effect on it with these actions. Also, it may seem to you at certain moments that caffeine is the only key to salvation in the case of fatigue and exhaustion.

But it’s not like that. Research has shown that too much caffeine during the day can further increase mental fogginess and increase lack of concentration. Do not consume too many snacks, fast food and foods full of sugar, as well as too many carbonated juices.

Commit to your health by eating healthy and balanced meals in your spare time.

Unreasonable burden

Research has shown that excessive workloads are very harmful to motivation, and in general to life and work. Also, excessive workload in the workplace as well as in private life brings a lot of problems, and one of the biggest problems, in addition to health damage, is also damaged interpersonal relationships.

When you are too burdened, you don’t have time to think about family and friends. You don’t get to think about how they feel, whether something new, good or bad, is happening in their life. And you completely neglect socializing and talking with them, which in the end can lead to the breaking of friendly and family ties.

Be sensible, and find enough time for those who love you.

No situation in your life is worth your mental and physical health. When you establish a balance in these two very important items in your life, you will be able to function normally.

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