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How to Prove Your Worth?

Do you really know how to prove your worth? Although we all know that money is not everything although it is necessary for all aspects of life, we need to know how much we are worth. A well-paid job that will respect our effort and our worth is a motivation for success and productivity. Sometimes it is very difficult to establish a balance between how to explain to yourself, but also to the employer, how much you are really worth. And how much you deserve. Have you wondered if you are valued enough at work by your employer and colleagues? How much are you really worth to yourself?

Assess how good you are at the skills you know

When you want to evaluate yourself and what you are worth, it is very important to be realistic. If you are too strict, you will not be objective and you will always underestimate yourself in relation to others. If you are too gentle, you may be blinded by self-admiration and deceive yourself. Being realistic is the core of the solution. When you thoroughly analyze your skills and your productivity, always think about how much you can improve in a certain type of work, and how much you can give. What is your maximum and whether you can further improve the skills that you currently provide to the employer. And after that, how much money is it worth?

How to Prove Your Worth?

First of all – get to know yourself

Awareness of yourself, your possibilities, the limits we want to set or cross – it’s all there. Self-esteem is one of the most important parts of our life. Knowing your own value and appreciating yourself is the key to success and happiness in everything we own. When you get to know yourself, and when you appreciate everything that you really are, that’s the only way you’ll progress. Self-awareness is a step towards the future.

In addition to self-awareness of what you are worth, you should also be aware of what you are not and what you do not want to be and become. Be objective about yourself and your personality. Admit your faults and your virtues. Your abilities and possibilities. Your weaknesses and your inner strength. Based on this, you will find out what you need to fix. Where you need to improve. And where you need to stop and start over.

What is your purpose?

When you understand what your purpose is in the business you are engaged in, you will very easily understand how much you are worth and whether you have been well evaluated. What do you want to be known for and what do you want to stand out for? How do you want to be in the eyes of others and are you doing something about it? Is the purpose you are striving for closely related to the position at your job? By asking yourself these questions, you will find solutions that you need to start working on and implement.

Set boundaries

If you are in a job where you do both your work and the work of your colleagues, it is time to ask yourself. Set boundaries for other people and let them know that you will not take on their unfinished business. Set boundaries and say NO to them using you to achieve their goals. Instead, take the time to improve your work. To improve your skills. Be sure that the work you do – you do it with a goal and that no one should take you for granted.

Why is all this important?

Self-worth is directly related to self-esteem. Knowing your self-worth affects your work performance in a variety of ways. When you know what you’re worth, and when you’re aware of it, you won’t let your efforts be belittled. You will try harder because you know that you can achieve more and that the employer and others will reward it. Also, when you know your worth, you strive for independence and to realize yourself in much bigger roles in your business. If you devalue yourself, others will recognize your weakness and additionally use it for their wishes and desires.

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