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Does Success Depend On Intelligence Or Personality?

A very important question – Intelligence Or Personality?
Although both are very important for human success, the question arises as to what is more important.


Intelligence is a mental characteristic that consists of the ability to learn from experience, adapt to new situations, understand and use abstract concepts and use previous knowledge to cope in a new environment where stereotypical instinctual behaviour does not help.
It is still defined as the ability to cope quickly and efficiently in new and unfamiliar situations.

Although definitions of intelligence differ. Theorists agree that intelligence is a potential, not a fully developed ability.
Intelligence is thought to be a combination of innate characteristics of the nervous system and developmental intelligence, shaped by experience and learning.



Personality is one of the fundamental concepts of psychology, which refers to a unique, relatively tightly integrated, stable and complex psychological set of characteristics. Which determines the characteristic and consistent behaviour of the individual.
These characteristics include intellectual abilities, value system, motives, emotions, goals and intentions, behaviour.
The word personality or personality comes from the Latin word persona.
In general, it denotes the organization of individual characteristics of a person or living being based on which each individual differs from all others.
According to psychoanalysis, personality is a complex structural and dynamic system that encompasses many subsystems or instances.


Intelligence Or Personality?

By studying a large amount of data from various countries around the world. It has been determined that success forecasts are relatively accurate only when the results of personality tests are analyzed with the results of intelligence tests.

The results of these tests reveal a lot about the personality, scientists believe, and can be “translated into outcomes”.
For success, it is not important to be smart, how important it is to have strong non-cognitive skills.
Also, getting a job and further career success. Skills such as communication, precision (temporal and conceptual) and innovation are much more important, the study said.

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