Boost Your Productivity – Lesson 7

Lesson 7

Pursue An All-Around Productive Life

In the last chapter, you learned why you need to remove unimportant tasks to boost your productivity, including using outsourcers to send those unimportant tasks to. In this chapter, you will learn how to pursue an all-around productive life.

Having an all-around productive life means that you are productive in all facets of it, not just in business. For instance, when you are assembling an item, such as a piece of exercise equipment, you have to follow the instructions to assemble it correctly. Being productive means assembling it together correctly the first time and not taking all day to do it. When you are grocery shopping, you are productive when you map out your trip to head to all of the different stores you need to go to in the shortest amount of time possible, yet still get everything you need and at the lowest prices possible.

As you can see, being productive doesn’t just apply to business; it applies to all facets of life. It can apply to recreation, hobbies, shopping, working out, taking care of your family and your home, etc. Being productive means getting the most done at the highest level possible in the least amount of time possible. Whether that’s creating the most products/content, rendering the most services, purchasing the most products at the lowest prices possible, or assembling items, it’s doing it in the most efficient manner possible so that you maximize the value of every minute and every second so that you get the most out of them as possible.

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