Boost Your Productivity – Lesson 6

Lesson 6

Removing The Unimportant Tasks

In the last chapter, you learned how to implement simple time management techniques to improve your productivity, including timing your work efforts, breaks, and distractions, then seeing if you completed everything you wanted to in the time you expected or not. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to remove all of the unimportant tasks and why it is important to your productivity.

As was discussed earlier, it’s vital that you prepare for work ahead of time. This means not taking time out to mess with formatting, indentations, spacing, etc. when creating content, ebooks, etc. You also should know what websites you should be consulting for research, etc. ahead of time. These are tasks that can slow you down if you let them; you need to do these ahead of time and/or very quickly so that you can get to the main task of creating the content/product and/or rendering the service in the most efficient amount of time possible.

You also need to consider what tasks are actually important to your business and which aren’t. The tasks that are actually important need to be done, of course, while the tasks that aren’t need to be dealt with at times outside of work periods. This includes handling emails and social media accounts- these can easily interfere with work and productivity if you let it. You need to set aside time during your breaks, lunch, or after work to deal with those; it is not important to completing your immediate tasks and will only slow you down.

Additionally, if you are running a business, especially an online one, you need to consider what skills and tasks you are best at and enjoy, and only do those tasks. Other tasks should be sent to outsourcers who are capable in those areas. This will free up your time to work only on those tasks you specialize in and enjoy; spending your time on other tasks will only slow you down, frustrate you, and make you less productive. Additionally, your business won’t be as  productive because you are taking time out to do unimportant or less important tasks that other people can do.

You should only focus on the important tasks that you need to do for your business to be the most productive. For instance, if you are creating a product for a launch and need to create sales copy and/or marketing materials to promote it, you need to decide where your best skills lie. Is it in creating the content, the ebook cover, the sales letter, and/or the marketing materials? Choose one task to complete, outsource the rest. This is how your business will produce the most content/products and/or render the most services in the least amount of time possible – in other words, how your business will be the most productive.

In this chapter, you learned why you need to eliminate the unimportant tasks from your work so that you (and/or your business) can be the most productive. In the next chapter, you will learn how to pursue an all-around productive life.



Exercise 6: The Unimportant

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